International Junior Golf Masters
in the Golf Club Gleidingen e. V. /Golf Rethmar (Germany)
July 26th – 30th 2021

Entries must be age group 2000 or younger. Additionally, entries will be accepted from players with WHS-Index 8,0 or lower (final day of registration), being a member of a golf club associated with the DGV or an international recognized golf club.

Mode of play
The tournament is to be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the R & A Rules Limited, and the Local Rules asapproved by the Golfclubs Gleidingen e.V. The tournament shall be decided over 3 rounds of Stroke Play, 18 holes each day. The tournament adds to the WAGR Ranking.

Strokeplay over 72 holes with cut after 36 holes
Practice Round is on the 26th of July and has to be arranged with the golfclub-office from Rethmar Golf +49 (0) 5138 700530.

Venue Location
Rethmar Golf, Am Golfplatz 1, D-31319 Sehnde

Girls blue       Par 72 5568m Slope 138 CR 75.8
Boys white     Par 72 6440m Slope 137 CR 74.7

Consolation Rounds
Girls red Par 72 5126m Slope 133 CR 72.8
Boys yellow Par 72 5880m Slope 133 CR 71.5

Entry Fee
189 € – includes practice round, starting fee, rangeballs, water and snacks. Entry fee will be payed by online registration process. Charge is possible by PayPal, Credit Cart and Debit Card. Confirmation will be send by mail.

Number of competitors
The maximum number of participants is 144 players plus wildcards *

Registrations online only via the website of the Junior Golf Masters Registration ends July, 21th 2021 at 12am. A cancellation fee of 20 € applies prior to the end of registration, after this date the registration fee will not be reimbursed. If the Registrations exceed an amount of 144 the players with the highest handicaps will be automatically transferred to the waiting list. If the Handicap index ist the same with 2 or more players, the earlier time of registration counts. Players are categorized by age and gender. Please see the Age Distribution table below.

Age Distribution and Limits
If there are fewer reports in an age group than the before mentioned contingent, the free starting places will be distributed to the individual age and gender groups. Example: If there were 27 entries in the U16 Boys, the next participants would be added to the U21, U18 and U14 Boys waiting list. If there are fewer than 144 registrations, the distribution key will be adapted to the registrations. The final decision of the distribution is made by the Junior Golf Masters.

U212000 – 2002147
U182003 – 20043012
U162005 – 20063013
U142007 – jünger2612

Junior Golf Masters reserves the right to issue wild cards. The allocation of wildcards will increase the distribution key for individual age groups.

After 36 Holes of the tournament there will be a cut. The best 78 participants qualify for the final rounds according to the age group distribution key listed below. These participants play for the main tournament title of 72 holes. In the event of a tie, participation in the final round will be determined by taking a card. The last 27, 18, 9, 6 holes count. Then the lot decides.

U212000 – 200284
U182003 – 2004166
U162005 – 2006167
U142007 – jünger156

Play-off and cut
In the event of a tie for first place the winner will be decided by a hole by hole play-off on hole 18,18, 1.
Players who missed the cut playing at the 3rd und 4th day the consolations round (36 Holes).

Consolation Round
The rest of the field will play a 36-hole Consolation Round on these days. The 3 participants with the best cumulative net strokes after after these 36 holes will receive prizes. This means that participants with a higher HCP index also have the opportunity to win a prize, as the other net evaluation is not applicable. In addition, every participant has the planning security to be there on all 4 tournament days despite the cut.

1st Round 08:00am – 10:00am + 12:30pm – 14:30pm
2nd Round 08:00am – 10:00am + 12:30pm – 14:30pm
3rd Round 08:00am – 10:00am (Championship Round) 12:30 – 14:30 (Consolation Round)
4th Round 07:30am – 9:30am (Consolation Round) 12:00 – 14:00 (Championship Round)

July, 26th 2021, 05:00pm online under
July, 27th 2021, 07:00pm online under
July, 28th 2021, 07:00pm online under
July, 29th 2021, 07:00pm online under

Championship 72 Holes (4 x 18 Holes) Girls and Boys
Age Group AG 21, AG 18, AG 16, AG 14
Consolation Round 36 Holes (2 x 18 Holes) 1st – 3rd Girls und Boys mixed
Extra Prize for the first hole in one

Caddies are NOT allowed

Livescoring is mandatory for each group of play

Spectators are welcome on the golf course. The corona protection rules must be observed. Failure to comply will result in an expellation off the sports facility.

Note on the publication of photos
As a sports event organizer, we want to represent the sporting activities on our homepage, on the Internet and in other media such as daily newspapers or brochures. For this purpose, we would like to use photos of the tournament on which your children may also be individually recognizable. For legal reasons („right to your own picture“), this is only possible with your consent. By registering for the tournament you give this consent. You can object to this at any time without giving any reasons at

Championship Committee
Appointed by Junior Golf Masters. They are responsible for all decisions concerning to the organization of the tournament and will interpret the rules and conditions and may assume any rights granted by the Rules of Golf. They reserve the right to change any conditions at any time. Changes to this announcement can be made at any time by the organization team without giving reasons until the start of the tournament.